Estudio sobre el poeta

Que pierdo el control; esta mano diestra que avanza sin pensar. Un conjuro del más allá, notas al aire, notas al interior, esta sensación de vivir sin saberse expresar. La maldita poesía que me devela el misterio de la vida. Que pierdo el control del recordar, del olvidar, ¿quién soy yo si no escribo masContinue reading “Estudio sobre el poeta”

Of love and music

Into the messy room, there lies a piano. Healing Papers, notebooks, the memory of a song. Breaking Long forgotten are the staccatos of pain, Suffering a melody flourishes where your hands touch wood. Dwindling Crack. Crack. Out of tune – or not, Conviction the melody travels, flutters, whispers. Malediction Crack. Crack. Out of tune –Continue reading “Of love and music”

The ostracized planet

The stars quarantined in their chairs, Rocks burning through time Waiting for infinity and philosophy To thrust them like Eneas in his exile. A family of marbles, marvels At the uphill life is, no inertia Can break the ostracism of society When gravity pulls you down to the silver seat. The skin of the universeContinue reading “The ostracized planet”

L’étincelle oublié

La naissance de la réalité du passé Est le reflet interdit du corps Chaleureuse qui danse dans l’obscurité Des cauchemars qui battent le cœur De cette chanson éphémère. Viens là pour t’encadrer dans le début de La lumière qui rend statique l’oxygène de tes yeux. La souvenir d’un ami qui mène les clés du FeuContinue reading “L’étincelle oublié”

The rain memory

The wet needles turn us into shadows, As the causality of gravity Gives birth to the earthquake Of our fantasy. Two puppets under the burning clouds, The slippery scalpel dissecting her fabric – like tearing electricity without science, The threads of time, The dance of knives – A hollow organ playing behind… … the wavesContinue reading “The rain memory”