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My name is Sergio. I am passionate about art (music, painting, literature), technology, and learning in general. I like to think of myself as a generalist rather than a specialist.

This space is meant to be a conduit for me to create, express, and share my ideas.

Nosce Te Ipsum

— Ancient Greece

Excerpts of Creative Writing

Posts about the Nature of Reality, challenging our perceptions and the stories we’ve been told…

Layers of Reality

Layer 1Living in a simulation, excess of meaning but shortness of air. Wandering among objects meant to satisfy our inner selves. The structure of reality is carefully constructed in front of us by architects. Senses that see. Senses that touch. But all is fake. Swirl of labyrinths hiding the true meaning within. There’s no redContinue reading “Layers of Reality”

Realidad I

Realidad. Ilusión. Una danza macabra entre la noche y el día. Un suave danzón a mediodía. Un frenético vals al oscurecer. Todo es simulación escondida detrás de la cotidianidad. Palabras. Voces. Nombres. Memorias. Un bombardeo continuo de significados transfigurados detrás del cristal mágico. Una carta. Dos cartas. Y ya olvidas su nombre. Solitario en laContinue reading “Realidad I”

Teu Lloc

Lugar de fantasías olvidadas. Lugar de exploración. Un portal hacia lo invisible, eso que yace más allá de la realidad. Un escaparate del agobio matutino. Una salida del laberinto mitológico. Una hiperrealidad donde los sueños se esbozan, donde el cuerpo aprende a observar, y donde las voces aprenden a sentir. Un rincón en la imaginaciónContinue reading “Teu Lloc”


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Posts about Technology, the double-edge sword of our times…

The False Prophet

1.0 Hope <body> Tim had let the genie out of the bottle. Connection, communication, a green field for innovation… and progress, he promised. Spiders in an invisible web, crawling and browsing across the Netscape. Time to call a friend, wait – I’ve got mail! The future was present. The vision of an open and freeContinue reading “The False Prophet”


When did we confuse the path for the destination? When did we confuse the story for the meaning? When did we forget to look beyond the curtain? When did we trade exploration for certainty? It was supposed to bring progress, to help break the imbalance of power; turns out, it’s leaving us powerless. You followContinue reading “doubt”


The machinery is real, embedded in the seconds of the morning, hidden between 6 and 7 pm. Unlike gravity, no equation can describe it but the pull is real, but the force is real, the biggest mass always wins. There were other days when the machinery was asleep, days of play and discovery without anContinue reading “reckoning”

Posts about the Human Identity, including reflections of our upbringing and who we ought to be…

il balcone di notte

Agárrame sin mirar, tu cuerpo fecundo me quiere olvidar. El mar de la noche nos penetra el vientre. El balcón de tu guarida gime al vaivén de la marea. Las cortinas ocultan el susurrar de nuestra sal. A veces dulce, a veces reseca. La bóveda celeste nos cubre de rabia y deseo, como dos polluelosContinue reading “il balcone di notte”

Estudio sobre el poeta

Que pierdo el control; esta mano diestra que avanza sin pensar. Un conjuro del más allá, notas al aire, notas al interior, esta sensación de vivir sin saberse expresar. La maldita poesía que me devela el misterio de la vida. Que pierdo el control del recordar, del olvidar, ¿quién soy yo si no escribo masContinue reading “Estudio sobre el poeta”

The ostracized planet

The stars quarantined in their chairs, Rocks burning through time Waiting for infinity and philosophy To thrust them like Eneas in his exile. A family of marbles, marvels At the uphill life is, no inertia Can break the ostracism of society When gravity pulls you down to the silver seat. The skin of the universeContinue reading “The ostracized planet”


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