The False Prophet

1.0 Hope
<body> Tim had let the genie out of the bottle. Connection, communication, a green field for innovation... and progress, he promised. Spiders in an invisible web, crawling and browsing across the Netscape. Time to call a friend, wait - I’ve got mail! The future was present. The vision of an open and free society (and online commerce too). Then came the bubble: welcome to the world wide web.

2.0 #Treason
Bidding for your attention, all the great minds of this generation. Machines learning your words, thoughts, and your next love. Scroll, soma, scroll, soma; repeat. Cute dogs in exchange for our agency. They sold us freedom and connection. Addiction, doubt and fear, is what we got instead. What’s the problem? It’s all for free! 

3.0 Truth?
Reality is boring. Swallow the blue pill and cross through the looking glass. Mirrors. Labyrinths. Toss the red pill and sell yourself as an NFT. Humanity is a falsehood in this hyperreality. Tied to an eternal blockchain, your soul cannot escape. Virtual solitude in exchange for your crypto. That life is worthless, when lived in the metaverse </body>

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