Creative ⦁ Engineer ⦁ Product Manager ⦁ Technologist

Creative ⦁ Engineer ⦁ Technologist ⦁ Product Manager

My name is Sergio Luna. I was born in 1987 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, where I lived for +20 years. Life and personal choices have taken me to live in Valencia (Spain), Grenoble (France), and Luxembourg – where I currently reside. I hold a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and a MSc in Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. Fun fact: I have never worked as an industrial engineer nor have I founded any company. However, since 2016, I have worked as a Product Manager – a role in which I can innovate, act as an entrepreneur, and leverage my systematic thinking to solve complex problems. I like product management and think many aspects of our real and virtual worlds are affected by the decisions of product managers (for the better or worse). We have a big responsibility.

That is the outer layer of “me”. An inner layer would define myself as someone seeking to reconciliate his rational/engineering mind with his creative/artistic mind. While the former has had the upper hand over the past 10-15 years (no regrets, really), the latter has been awakening and shouting for attention since the middle of the pandemic. I often think about entropy. I often think about how exactly computers work (think about it: natural materials found on Earth overlaid with 1s and 0s!). I also think about writing a book about a fictional world where all citizens get an opportunity to explore their passions and share the load of public service (note: no, I don’t think it is necessarily communist thinking). I also think figure skating in couples is one of the highest demonstrations of art, harmony, and perfection.

This website is an attempt to nurture my creative self and provide me with a space to evolve into a new self.

What I Enjoy: Passive Consumption

Reading: technology, humanity, history, literature

Greek Mythology: myths, history, ethics, archetypes

Learning (in general): acquire new knowledge via books, videos, etc.

Music (listening): classical, rock (Spanish and English), live concerts, anime/videogames

Movies/Series: anime, shows, Marvel

What I Enjoy: Active Creation

Music: playing piano, singing

Sports: tennis, football, many more where you chase a ball

Teaching: mentoring, lectures, speaking engagements

Writing: undefined (for now)

Painting/drawing: abstract painting/drawing

What I Do Not Enjoy

  • I do not like cars (as a general topic)
  • I do not like finance
  • I hate changing a good song half-way through it
  • I am frustrated whenever I see spelling and grammar mistakes (in Spanish), especially from brands or from the government
  • I do not like reading about something without actually learning something (happens more frequently than I would like)
  • I am afraid of heights and high-adrenaline activities in general
  • I do not like speaking in a language (including Spanish) with a strong accent
  • I do not like olives (despite loving Greek food)
  • I do not like abundant self-deprecation of one’s culture/community, especially in social media