Layers of Reality

Layer 1Living in a simulation, excess of meaning but shortness of air. Wandering among objects meant to satisfy our inner selves. The structure of reality is carefully constructed in front of us by architects. Senses that see. Senses that touch. But all is fake. Swirl of labyrinths hiding the true meaning within. There’s no redContinue reading “Layers of Reality”

The False Prophet

1.0 Hope <body> Tim had let the genie out of the bottle. Connection, communication, a green field for innovation… and progress, he promised. Spiders in an invisible web, crawling and browsing across the Netscape. Time to call a friend, wait – I’ve got mail! The future was present. The vision of an open and freeContinue reading “The False Prophet”

En la espera de Ariadna

Dicen por ahí que no es igual vivir para trabajar que trabajar para vivir. Al final de los tiempos ¿qué pesará más: el azulejo azul del baño perfecto o convertirse en héroe una vez más? El hilo del tiempo muestra la crueldad de creer en historias con final feliz, nos muestra la decadencia de unaContinue reading “En la espera de Ariadna”

The power of traveling

This is your reality: faces, names, shared language among those existing in it. You live the pattern: nine to six being productive, let’s brunch next weekend, let’s catch up during the coffee break. Then you start seeing it: hidden near the borders, between seven and eight pm, radio interference on your way back home, whispering:Continue reading “The power of traveling”


The machinery is real, embedded in the seconds of the morning, hidden between 6 and 7 pm. Unlike gravity, no equation can describe it but the pull is real, but the force is real, the biggest mass always wins. There were other days when the machinery was asleep, days of play and discovery without anContinue reading “reckoning”