You screaming at me,
me screaming at you,
all that we hear
is the fire burning within.

"Don't answer back at me",
you growl – an ultimatum.
But there's a fire inside me, 
languishing, extinguishing...
swallowing the sounds I never dare to say. 

Alone in my thoughts
I seek elsewhere support.
Typing the unspoken words,
is what keeps me going through. 

Day and night
(more night than day),
in the early days
of the mighty world wide web,
out of sight,
I let my fire burn through time
for it has found a new source
of O2.

A candle twinkling at midnight,
dancing around the hearth,
the sun chasing the night,
wood cracking as the world spins by –
fingertips blazing in orange and red by dawn.  

You screaming at me – again,
because all is left,
are ashes drifting in the air. 

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