Layers of Reality

Layer 1Living in a simulation, excess of meaning but shortness of air. Wandering among objects meant to satisfy our inner selves. The structure of reality is carefully constructed in front of us by architects. Senses that see. Senses that touch. But all is fake. Swirl of labyrinths hiding the true meaning within. There’s no redContinue reading “Layers of Reality”

Realidad I

Realidad. Ilusión. Una danza macabra entre la noche y el día. Un suave danzón a mediodía. Un frenético vals al oscurecer. Todo es simulación escondida detrás de la cotidianidad. Palabras. Voces. Nombres. Memorias. Un bombardeo continuo de significados transfigurados detrás del cristal mágico. Una carta. Dos cartas. Y ya olvidas su nombre. Solitario en laContinue reading “Realidad I”

a moment in the dark

her crescent moon shining secretly upon me, black weeds falling and creeping, dancing on the surface. a place where water, earth, and wind come together. the empty puddles connecting her smile, capturing tears I cannot see, still I’d yearn to seek. lost in a duel of patience, we let our eyes speak: three, two, one…Continue reading “a moment in the dark”